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Women! We MUST Start Doing This!

I’ve come into several situations lately where women know so little about their sexual desires, porn and sex toys. I’ve also come across several articles shaming and pushing a negative outlook on porn. Here’s my two cents…

Women (and men too of course)– free your sexual desires! Stop being so afraid to try new things, stop being so closed off to enjoying yourself. The biggest reason we don’t is the fear of someone calling us a slut. It is old school to not enjoy ourselves. Men tend to dominate on the receiving end of pleasure in sex, as it is their biological need to spread their seed – but women, we have an entire part of our body whose sole purpose is to give us pleasure! The clitoris is your best friend.

Drink some wine; wear something sexy, get comfortable and try touching everywhere. Start easy with your finger; then explore with toys and dirty talk and whatever you want to try! And porn! Watch porn or listen to it! Don’t let society tell you that’s wrong! It grinds my gears when people tell you it’s wrong to watch porn. Or that it’s a form of adultery or disrespect. When I talk to men about their porn watching habits, they don’t expect their girlfriends or lovers to be anything like those in porn. They don’t disrespect women less just because they watch porn. They watch porn to release a biological urge and possibly to learn some new moves. Nothing will replace actually being with someone (expect possibly sex robots, what a future that will be…).

(A tip with porn that I have learned: just because you enjoy it in porn – doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily like it in real life. So don’t be afraid to watch something really kinky or out of your comfort zone.)

Have fun ladies! May your life be full of wonderful orgasms!

Go on… what are you waiting for?!

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