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Who woulda thunk Disney would be so inspiring?

My littlest cousin and I went to see Sing today – however, for our third attempt to see it, it was sold yet again! So we opted for Moana. And in typical modern Disney style it was overwhelming insightful. The film was full of great life lessons for young and old. Let’s list the ones I caught onto (because lists rule the internet): – Listen to your elders – Follow your dreams – Be who you are – Don’t give up; perseverance will overcome any obstacle you face – Be kind to each other (animals and earth included)

Perhaps I am extra sensitive today, but it really pushed my thought machine to its limits. I had to pull out my phone and write down my thoughts (I left the theater to do so, gotta be considerate yo). The theme that riled me up most was how Moana had a strict purpose in life and she had to find out who she was and follow that path.

Perhaps this struck a cord with me, as I’m middle of a career hold/change. Ultimately it was the idea of having a predestined path and sense of self that bothered me most. I’ve never been one to say I’m religious. I used to call myself atheist, and then I began to develop more of a sense of spiritualism (this could be a whole series of posts explaining this viewpoint). I believe in karma and things happening for a reason. I’ve never felt that your life is predestined though. To say you have one path to follow down is to limit oneself. It removes the element of choice and strips you of your power over yourself. If we have only but one purpose in life there is little reason to venture and enjoy all aspects of life; to discover and explore all that I could be and all whom I should meet. No, I will not accept that there is one path for me, for you, for all of us. I believe events happen, we meet people for lessons and to build character, but to say they happen as a result of a predetermined script irritates me. Frustrates me to my core. Limits my ability to be happy with my life and myself. It voids adventure. It reduces us to a robotic mentality. If we believe there is only one path for ourselves, we get stuck. We focus so much on that one thing, we can’t see all that is going on around us. And if the one thing we think is our purpose turns out to be our least best quality or talent, it’s a waste. Imagine being told you’re meant to be a doctor but you cannot cure any ailment your patients have. What would your confidence and happiness levels be like? Or you’re a shoe maker and you’ve made all these shoes, but no one wants to buy them?

You have to let go of the idea that you are just one thing, that you are just one title. No one is just a sister; you are a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a civilian. Etc. Discover all of these paths.

For me, I am a daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, cousin, friend, crafter, writer, girlfriend, axe throwing coach, co-worker, facebook addict, reader, shopper, etsy junkie, freedom supporter, animal lover, genuine, kindness enthusiast, Canadian, foodie and I am determined to create peace within myself and with my paths.

Join me.

P.S. Do go see Moana! Definitely another great Disney flick.

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