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What Do You Do For Work?

So I apologize in advance, this post isn’t really apart of my whole “being better humans” feel. BUT I think some of you may be able to relate.

I suck at small talk.

I absolutely never know what to say, how much to say, what to ask, what level of interest I should show, what comments to make while they’re telling their stories. It just feels so unnatural. I ache for deep connections and conversations about life love and the meaning of. For conversations about new discoveries and theories. I want intimacy and to hear your opinions and thoughts on bigger things. I want to learn from your brain. Mmm brains.

People probably think I’m being rude or uninterested, but I just don’t see the point of small talk. I feel like my time could be better spent, so maybe I am being rude or uninterested. I just don’t feel genuine with most small talk. Nor do I want to bore them of the details of my life. Or if I want to tell them a story, I have a lot of details to catch them up on so I don’t bother.

I never do well in big groups of people because of this. I just walk around feeling awkward. I don’t want to jump in on someone else’s conversation half way, so I wait it out for people to approach me. Also makes dating hard. It was my second or third date with my ex, and I asked his opinion on religion and he made it pretty clear it’s too soon to talk about that. There’s a reason we’re not together, eh?

Small talk is all the same stuff too, what do you do for work, how was your day, what do you do for fun. It’s so… predictable and unimaginative. If you can spark creative conversation with me, you win!

Point is. Small talk sucks. Okay? Got it?

Photo by Meghan Duthu on Unsplash

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