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To The Girl Who Needs To Feel Special

To the girl who needs to feel special.

The girl who needs to feel loved and unique in a crowd or just with one other person. Who needs to stand out and not necessarily for the attention but for the affirmation that you are a like-able person. That you have people in your life; people who bask in your presence. The girl who needs to feel less alone.

This is for the girl who has someone right there and sometimes, you just don’t feel like their eyes are on you; that you mean too little to them.

To the girl who sits in a room full of family and friends and has troubles seeing her blessings.


I feel this way too – especially during more harder and challenging times in my life. I am very thankful for the people in my life, but sometimes you just feel like you’re not their everything. And the thing is, we have to accept that and remind ourselves that it is okay not to be someone’s everything.

It is a lot of pressure to be someone’s everything. And to be honest, is any ONE – singular – PERSON your everything? Your only thing, only person? Can’t we have more than one? Can’t we have many things to build up who we are. But ultimately, If there is anyone who is your own everything, it should be yourself.

I think 20somethings grew up being told, “you’re talented”, “you’re special”, and “find the one who is your everything”. We grew up with a lot of pressure on us to be the center of everyone’s attention. To be talented, special, wonderful, well liked and popular. We may have learnt these lessons in school, from TV and books – where characters go on this journey solely all about them and end up happy. Part of the issue is, what does it mean to be special? What if we never knew what it actually meant and we’re endlessly searching for it? What if special is nothing but a never ending search? This will ultimately leave us feeling unwanted, lonely, and unaccomplished. Empty.

To the girls who need to feel special and never seem to fulfill the need. Make yourself special to the only person who matters – you.

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