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These Songs Keep Me Living

I’ve heard that your favourite song at any given moment reveals your current deepest thoughts and feelings. And I cannot think of a time that wasn’t true for me. Music has always been my therapy. As a kid, my mom could tell if I was happy or not by my singing behaviour around the house. I was saddened to hear about the passing of Chester Bennington. May he find the peace he brought to many individuals who were working their way through their own hard times. I know your words were life lines for me.

There’s nothing better than finding yourself in a song. The melody, lyrics, voices and sounds all just in tune with your inner self. The rhythm matching your heart beat. At the risk of sounding like a stoner, feeling one with the sounds coming from your speakers. The world shuts off, no one can hurt you, protected by this bubble of emotions.

None of the loves I have experienced in my life can compare to that moment when my favourite song is playing so loud, tuned into my mental state at the time. Bellowing out every deep feeling or thought through my off tune singing voice. And when I shift I feel so damn cool 😉 #gearlife

Perhaps that’s why mix tapes were so popular to give as gifts to the one you admire. Says the words you cannot find yourself brave enough to vocalize.

So what then does your favourite song say about you right now? Could you share? Or would it be too personal? Another piece to your ever growing self awareness…

Photo by Teresa Kluge on Unsplash

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