Run, Darling, Run

My mind is racing about things to write about tonight. It’s been a bit of a future-focused, gotta get shit together kind of day. Maybe I’ll use tonight’s post as a teaser trailer into the mind of me and what future posts you can look forward to (oh how fun!); an extension of my “about me” if you must.

Ideally I wanted to start a blog to just be my ramblings about life, love and the meaning of and every single thing in between. Every blog how-to page recommended finding my niche. I honestly had no idea, my mind runs a mile a minute, every internet (Firefox all the way) tab open to a different topic, a whirlwind of image and words. How could I tie down one thing to talk about? What did I obsess about? What’s the one thing I care most about?


Mostly romantic love, but as I am getting older I recognized I was also about love and care for others in every fashion possible. Lastly, and more recently my favourite, self love.

It just clicked one day, you can love others and give and give and give, but if you don’t love yourself life just isn’t as joyful as it could be (so much follow up on this to come). And this has become my niche, my drive for this site. Self help, love and the pursuit to being a better human.

You can also look forward to many other quirky things that make up my hurricane of a mind. You may see an odd post about crafty (as I am working on pushing that business of mine off as well this year, go 2017! – that’s the first time I have typed the new year, huh.) DIY projects and pinterest are my time killers. I may even share an odd recipe that doesn’t end up burnt.

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed already, most of my thoughts are pretty darn cheesy. They’re the thoughts you see written out on beautiful landscape photos floating around on your facebook, IG and pinterest feeds. And you usually by pass them thinking “uh huh, sure, it’s THAT easy” with a mental eye roll, and keep scrolling to that buzzfeed quiz about what your pizza topping choice says about your sex life. Thing is, they’re true. It really is THAT easy to have a loving relationship with yourself, others and the environment that makes up your life.