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Post Script

The other day I wrote a letter to my younger self and encouraged myself to have sex at the age I did, 13. Many people may find this offensive or upsetting. I want to be clear – I don’t think having sex young is necessarily the right thing to do. What I wanted to get across was the acceptance of my past and all the mistakes I made. I’ll come back to this important piece in a moment. First I want to be clear about something. Starting to be sexually active at that age was an act for attention and love. I did it for many reasons that I was not aware of at the time, and to be honest, in the moment I did it because it felt good. I was physically maturing faster than my peers and before my mind could catch up. If you are young and thinking about sex, do it safely. Wear a condom. Many people will tell you to wait, and you should, but if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. It’ll just become a part of your history.

Back to my main point! My blog is meant to inspire self improvement and encourage my readers on being better humans. Part of that process is to accept who you are (I always think of Mufasa from Lion King’s voice when I hear that phrase in my head. He’s all up in the sky and wisely advising Simba “remember who you are”. Good scene yo). If you cannot make peace with your journey, it’s hard to move forward. You can live in the past and dwell on the choices you made or you can accept them and move forward onto better things. You can choose to get upset and bothered by things that you cannot change or you can make a choice right now to focus on who you want to be and actively everyday make goals and gains towards that person.

It’s lame. It’s cheesy, you see those inspirational quotes on beautiful landscape pictures all over Instagram and Pinterest but it’s true.

Accept your choices. They were right for you in the moment. You cannot go back in time (just yet) and change your actions. The only thing you can control is your reactions right now.

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