How COVID Healed My Relationship

The pandemic has obviously had a major impact on all aspects of the world. How people shop, celebrate, give birth, ask for help… for most it has been a very difficult experience. Adjusting to new routines, cabin fever from staying home most of the time and many have or known someone who has contracted COVID-19.

In our home, the beginning of the pandemic was a blessing.

After the initial shock and confusion whether we’d be laid off or working, Mike and I had an experience we will always be thankful for. Prior to the start of the pandemic our relationship was tense. Full of eye rolls, blaming each other and quick escalations. Money typically is a touchy issue and we were adjusting to leaving together as we had only moved into our home a few months before. So you could imagine my concern when he was laid off and I was working from home for the undetermined future.

Spending 24/7 locked in our house with my fiancé was the best thing that could have happened to us. Without the pressures of getting up just to drive long hours to work and come home to cook and go to bed we found each other. We communicated. We made to-do lists. We established a routine. We made boundaries and respected them. We re-kindled our first flame. All without a hitch.

Forced to kill time we found ways to entertain ourselves without the TV. We had serious conversations about our futures. We found each other again even though our wedding (February 2021) is still up in the air. With the unreliability of COVID-19 we are more focused on our marriage and less about the details of the wedding.

After 6 weeks I was redeployed within in my company and had to face the real world again, adjusting our routine once more. A week later Mike was asked to return to work. What we have learned from the blessing of a 6 week vacation together has carried over and the transition has been smooth. Of course It’ll take effort to keep it up but if you had asked me pre-COVID how things were in our home I wouldn’t be smiling when I responded.