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Dream Big

Labels. We naturally use them, its human to categorize and organize things and people. It helps us know where things go, what they mean, how to use them etc. etc. etc.

They can be harmful too. Incorrect judgments, holding you back from achieving etc. etc. etc.

But what happens when you can’t actually figure out the label? This happens to me all the time. I’m a see all sides kind of person, or choices aren’t black and white as it can vary depending on mountains of variables (who is involved, time, age, culture, religion, past etc. etc. etc.).

Lately the label I struggle with personally is my attitude label. I hop between the lines of being a realist and a dreamer. Which is strange as they can completely contradict one another – it’s definitely not fun listening to both sides argue it out in my head. No wonder I have anxiety. My anxiety intensifies when I have a thought that’s in the “dreamer” category but then reality kicks in. it makes decisions very difficult.

I like being a dreamer. It’s my creative, romantic side. It’s my happy side. So when reality squashes it. Welcome depression. As I grow, I am learning what dreamer thoughts I need to nip in the bud before they turn into expectations.


ay for emotional maturity and life lessons… Taking away my happy.

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