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Dirty four letter words


Such a powerful word. One cannot accurately describe it. It means different things to everyone. But we can all agree it is a powerful word.

I believe there are all types of love outside of the 4 types we are taught in basic psych classes (agape, egos, storge and philia).

I think we love everyone who walks into our life in same manner. What makes it different to each other is the level of physical, psychological attraction to each person. I can’t say why we are more attracted to one type or one person more so than another – there’s various theories on this; astrology, behaviourism and psychology all have their ideas.

But what I think most people miss about love is the respect for one another that comes with love. The more we love someone, the more we respect who they are. The more respect we have the more likely we are to listen to them, help them, admire them, willingness to change for them, do favours for them.

I believe every romantic partner or even friendship we have – we love that person to some degree. I’ve loved every person I have hugged or kissed. It’s just a different level than the love society thinks of when we say the word “love”.

Or maybe I’m just a romantic and believe strongly in the good in people.

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