All About That Tarot

I have unofficially declared this week to be the week of everything tarot on my blog. So then our Friday blog post must be about tarot!

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking, BUT YOU’RE A SCIENTIST! Yes, yes I am. Science is one part of me that I’ll never abandon, but I wouldn’t be a good scientist if I kept a closed mind. While keeping an open mind I have found use and benefit in seeking guidance from my Tarot deck.

Some equate Tarot with witchcraft and psychics glimpsing into the future. And well that’s partly correct, it’s not the reason why I use Tarot cards.

(Side note: if you’re seeking for more background information about Tarot, I highly recommend you click here: Brigit knows A LOT more than I do.)

Tarot for me is about tapping into my intuition, speaking to my inner self and connecting deeper with my consciousness. As much as I wish I could read into the future or connect with angels who have left our material world, tarot is more practical for me. It’s a learning and guide to my daily life. For me the cards are there not to tell me but to remind me of my intuition, of what I know I need to address but I'm ignoring.

One spread I tend to use most often, especially while reading someone else (for now) a five-card horseshoe spread. The first card is your “present situation”, second card is your “present expectations”, third card is “the unexpected”, forth “immediate future” and lastly “long-term future”. While learning the deck I came to realize the cards are ambiguous for a reason, they’re open for YOUR INTERPRETATION which to me means tapping into your own intuition to decipher their meaning. A single deck of cards cannot give the answers to every single reader without some ambiguity.

I love learning about the deck, what each suite represents in terms of timing, theme and certain situations. I’m personally drawn to the Cups suite, where friendship, joy and romance are prominent. I know when wands come up, something requires hard work and dedication. What still lies as a mystery to me is the Major Arcana cards, such as The Fool, The Wheel of Fortune, Death, The Tower, etc.

Here’s a sample of my kind of Tarot reading (condensed for the purposes of your reading pleasure) of the 5 card horseshoe spread I mentioned early:

Before I shuffle my deck I thank the universe for all of its wonders and guidance. While I shuffle I think of my question, or area where I would like support and guidance. Today I’m going to ask for guidance with my writing career. Where will it lead me, what path do I need to take?

When I feel the deck is shuffled enough, I flip the top card over for the first position of the spread, the second top card for the second position and so forth for all 5 cards.

First Position - Present Situation: The Empress. Upon initial look and what little I know about this card, I interpret this card in this position of the spread as reaping what I have grown. After reading the full description (you can purchase the set and book I use here: my intuition was right. The Empress symbolizes “the satisfaction that is gained from bringing something to fruition… she signifies a time of abundance, fertility and domestic stability.” The Empress in a reading “can relate to the creative process involved in writing, painting or any other artistic pursuit.” Well now, isn’t that suitable.

Second Position - Present Expectations: The Hanged Man. I have come to associate this card with COVID and turning things upside down, thanks to my guide @psychicmadamebutterfly. She did my in depth reading in June and made this connection for me. This rascal has been popping up a lot since. Reading his description, he represents sacrifice and making a change. This is quite relatable for personal reasons that I am not ready to write about just yet, but he is a reminder to me that this is something I want to do.

Third Position - The Unexpected: Temperance. I’m unfamiliar with this card, but with examination I feel joy, I feel she is sharing her joy and embracing it as well. Let’s see what my guide says! Interesting. Temperance is about balance, a balance of emotions and relationships, to share my emotions fluidly. She represents “success in relationships because of its emphasis on exchange with others in an equitable way.” Perhaps, my writing really is touching you after all! Love you all xo

Fourth Position - Immediate Future: Knight of Pentacles. I did a quick research on Biddy Tarot and found that the Pentacles indicates either a year or the Winter season. I would think since it’s position is the immediate future this is card is reference winter season which is (sadly) quickly approaching. The pentacles suite also represents career and finances. So let’s see what the description reads. This knight has an eye for detail and slow gradual progress. He is not one for racing and quick fixes. He is strong and not easily pushed over. He suggests that someone who has the qualities of kindness, reliability and honesty will enter my life, or that I need to develop these qualities in myself (I like to think it’s the former of the two).

Fifth Position - Long-term Future: Queens of Cups. Ah what a powerful image here. This Queen sits with her cup full and nothing but water surrounds her, to me meaning she has lots of wonderful happening around her. The suite of Cups is often associated with emotions, love, and exuberance. Timing wise, the Cups represent months or summer, and again what makes sense is next summer. This will be a time where I will be overcome with emotions related to relationships of all kinds. Which to me is a great future as I write my emotions. The Queen speaks that I will want to control these emotions, which again, is why I write.

So overall, this reading tells me I’m on a good path with my writing, there is good fortune and opportunity coming in the near future. That I will continue to reap in my harvest of hard work, dedication and attention to detail. A very joyful reading indeed! You fellow readers will have lots to look forward to! Doesn’t seem my typing fingers are going to rest anytime soon!

Of course, the scientist in me wants to say one more caution. The cards bring out intuition for the current state and path you are on. At any time we make decisions that can change or adjust the reading’s messages.