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A True Compliment

I had a first date the other night. And I received the best compliment, I’ve heard it before, but it always warms my heart to hear. I was told, “you are so easy to talk to you”. And this is important because? Well, first dates are awkward. In particular, when you hardly know the person; the pressure of having to put on your best self so they can decide if they like you and vice versa. Ugh. It’s awful. I’ve gone through waves of ease with first dates and waves of difficulties. Lately I want to puke for the 30 minutes before.

But back to the compliment… it means more to me that I’m a warm, inviting person instead of you look amazing. It means they see beyond my stunning good looks and see the bubbly person I aim to be. I believe in being a good soul, helping others and if my personality helped them ease to be themselves in an uncomfortable situation, that means I’m doing something right! I’m sticking to who I want to be. How I want to see the world.

So thank you my date from the other night, you gave me a pat on the back without even knowing it.

And for all of you reading this, try giving a compliment outside of someone’s outfit, hair or looks. Give them a compliment about whom they are, or something they do. Be genuinely kind to someone and make their day! A little kindness homework…

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