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5 Types of Female Orgasms

Ah, the female orgasm. Sought by many, understood by few. They can be shy, they can be loud, they can be messy, they can be quick. Whether you find it with the help of a partner(s) or by your beautiful self. The Big “O” is unique to each person. I've read up on this wonderful ride, outside of the typical "vaginal, clitoral", types of orgasms don't seem to exist. So here's my list from my own personal research. (A quick note I was biologically born female and identify as straight. I recognize this list may be limited to this experience.)

1. The Stimulater: YAY! You’ve done it, you reached climax! Mission accomplished, but something is … not right. It’s an orgasm without all the bells and whistles. It kind of just happens. Your sexual organs go through the motions. This orgasm is just simple mechanics working down there, you're left feeling like you accomplished a task on your to do list. You’re feel satisfied but you’re not doubled over in pleasure.

2. The Mind Over Matter: You may have heard people say “the brain is the biggest sex organ” and that’s what this orgasm is all about. It’s when your brain is screaming in joy because you’ve got every detail of the story just right. It may require a bit more time and effort, the mood and connection have to be just so, but my oh my these types leave you jelly legged the next morning. So worth the extra effort.

3. The Almost Relationship: This has got to be the most frustrating orgasm. When your arousal keeps building and building and building, you’re waiting and ready for the tip over the edge but you never reach the top. Suddenly it’s just gone and you’re left laying there (or whichever position you’re in), angry, wondering did I just get ghosted by an orgasm?!

4. The Surprise Party: Things are happening down there. You're just settling in and getting the tingles, enjoying the ride then oh, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YES! YES! YES! This orgasm is over as quickly as it arrived.

5. The Orgasm Never Ends: it goes on and on my friends! Waves and waves of different sensations and feelings all over your body. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at how good this one feels. This is the golden globe of all orgasm performances. Obvious ecstasy head to toe experience.

Share with me! What orgasms have you experienced? Comment below!

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