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15 Thoughts I Had While Watching La La Land

15 Thoughts I Had While Watching La La Land

**Spoiler Alert**

  1. Alright, settling in for a musical. Gotta mentally prepare for this. It’s got great reviews, I used to love musicals, dude on The Edge was skeptical but loved it. So this is going to be… wow right into the music business, eh?

  2. Everything’s so colourful! It’s all so playful, imaginative and fun! EEEEE!

  3. What?! Ryan Gosling’s character is such an asshole! Emma Stone doesn’t deserve to be treated like that! What’s up his butt?!

  4. I wish I could dance like that…

  5. Wow Emma Stone is sooooo pretty. Like seriously, really pretty. Maybe I should cut my hair like that…

  6. Wow! Danger! She moved in with him pretty freaking fast…

  7. The whole scene where they are talking about his future club, Chicken on a Stick = relationship goals af.

  8. Everything seems too good to be true… where’s the conflict? There’s no way they can both achieving their dreams AND have an epic love story.

  9. Oh shit, I stopped listening to the lyrics of the song. (Had this thought a couple times throughout the movie).

  10. I want Emma Stone’s entire wardrobe!

  11. Silence is louder than words. It’s so powerful; they’ve really used this to their advantage. I just wish that guy beside me would stop eating his popcorn – it’s so loud!

  12. Well that scene was a little cheesy. But I still love this movie!

  13. Man jazz takes talent to play. It’s so passionate.

  14. But, no she isn’t supposed to end up with some other guy. I want my happy ending!

  15. Ah, now I understand the title. Not all dreams in La La Land can come true.

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